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    • Mentions légales
    • Preface
    • The “Founding Fathers” of Falconry according to Medieval Arabic Literature Anna Akasoy
      • Appendix
        • I. From the work of Adham and al-Ghiṭrīf About the first who hunted with birds of prey
        • II. From Al-Bayzara , a treatise for the Fatimid caliph About nobles who were passionate hunters
    • Flying High in Lombard Skies: Falconry in Sforza Milan Cristina Arrigoni Martelli
      • Introduction
      • Strategies for procuring birds
      • Princely gifts
      • A passion for hunting
      • Organizing territories
      • A numerous personnel
      • Financial troubles
      • Flying under Lombard skies
      • Conclusion
    • Falconry as Cognitive Dynamics: Self-­Training, Imagination and the Recovery of the Feminine Daniela Boccassini
      • An appraisal of the situation in Western Europe around ad 1200
      • Falconry from “sport” to “art”: outline of a cultural shift
      • Falconry as cognitive dynamics: the philosopher’s speculation
      • Falconry, inner training, and courtly love: recovering the feminine through the imagination
    • The Gyrfalcon in the Middle Ages, an Exotic Bird of Prey (Western Europe and Near East) Thierry Buquet
      • Naming the gyrfalcon in Arabic
      • Origin according to Arab authors
        • 1. The eastern origin
        • 2. The northern origin
      • Naming the gyrfalcon in Latin
      • Herodius
      • Geographic origin according to Latin authors
      • Trade and gift from the North
      • A Mamluk fashion?
      • Conclusion
    • Adelard of Bath on Hawking and the English Hawker Charles Burnett
    • The Hawk and the Poet: Falconry in Italian Neo-Latin Literature Ingrid A.R. De Smet
      • Falconry in Neo-Latin prose
      • Falconry in Neo-Latin poetry: the pastoral, epic and didactic genres
      • Hawks in Neo-Latin epigrams
      • Homage to a dead hawk
      • Tito Vespasiano Strozzi
      • Appendix: A new edition of Tito Vespasiano Strozzi’s “The Peregrine Tiercel”
    • Ludovico Buglio’s Jincheng yingshuo 進­呈­鷹說 (Treatise on Hawks ) Paolo De Troia
    • Spanish Texts on Falconry José Manuel Fradejas Rueda
      • Libro de los animales que cazan
      • Juan Manuel (1282-1348)
      • López de Ayala (1332-1407)
      • Appendix. The Ibero-Romance Books on Falconry: A List
    • Towards an Archaeology of Falconry: Europe and Beyond Oliver Grimm
      • Archaeology of birds vs. archaeology of falconry
        • Towards an archaeology of falconry: falconry-related artefacts
        • Towards an archaeology of falconry: depictions with a supposed falconry theme
        • Towards an archaeology of falconry: the overall reconstruction of falconry history (Europe and beyond)
      • Future research
        • Acknowledgements
      • Figures
    • Falconry as Image of Power in the Early Modern Low Countries: Towards a Political Iconography Yannis Hadjinicolaou and Herman Roodenburg
      • I
      • II
      • III
      • IV
      • V
    • Toxic Talons and Venomous Nails: The Impetus for Falconry and Its Imposition on Ancient Jewish Law Leor Jacobi
      • Protecting poultry in Palestine
      • Talon bane in Babylon
      • Poisonous pincers and corrupting claws
      • Rabbinic rationalization: poison apologetics
      • The antidote to the venom theory
      • Venom invented to be subverted
      • Qur’ānic comparison: impetus for falconry
      • Conclusion: on venom and the onion
      • Appendix: Claw and talon venom in Judah Halevi’s al-Kitāb al Khazarī , from Book IV, Chapter 31
    • Free and/or Noble? The Hunting Falcon and Class in Arabian Nabaṭi Poetry Marcel Kurpershoek
    • Hunting in Byzantium: A Case Study in Falconry Stavros Lazaris
    • Some Classical Arabic Hunting Poems: Ibn al-Muʿtazz and the Falcon James E. Montgomery
      • The hunters, 1: Animals
      • The hunted
      • The hunters, 2: Humans
      • Ibn al-Muʿtazz as poet of hunting verse
      • The poems
        • Poem 1
        • Poem 2
        • Poem 3
        • Poem 4
      • The symbolic raptor
        • Poem 5
      • Appendix: Inventory of corpus of raptor poems
        • I. FALCONIDAE
    • The Fauconnerie of Aymé Cassian and Its Interaction with Other Falconry Texts between the East and the West An Smets
      • Introduction
      • The author
      • Manuscripts
      • The content of the treatise
      • Similarities and differences between the three versions
      • Possible sources of the Fauconnerie by Aymé Cassian
      • The afterlife of the Fauconnerie by Aymé Cassian
      • Conclusion
      • Appendix 1: The relationships between the text by Aymé Cassian and the Livre du Prince
      • Appendix 2: The relationships between the text by Aymé Cassian and the Fauconnerie of Jean de Francières
    • Medieval Western and Eastern treatises on falconry in comparison Baudouin Van den Abeele
      • Western treatises on falconry
      • Arabic treatises on falconry
      • A first comparative approach: the similarities
      • A main difference: the cultural aspects of falconry
      • Conclusion
    • From Poetry to Arms: Falconry and Lexical Innovation in the Italian Peninsula (Eleventh-Fifteenth Century) Alessandro Vitale -Brovarone
      • I
      • II
      • III
    • Index of Authors and Works
    • Index of Manuscripts
    • Table of Contents
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Falconry in the Mediterranean Context
During the Pre-­Modern Era
edited by Charles
and Baudouin
Van den Abeele
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